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Mitú Recast 'Game of Thrones' w/All Latinos: Here's The Result...

If you’re a “Game of Thrones” fan then you were probably very excited when Chilean actor, Pedro Pascal, was casted as Dornish Prince Oberyn Martell. But like many of us, you must have been left wanting to see more Latinx representation on the show. This is why we decided to reimagine this epic saga with an all-Latino cast.

Daenerys Targaryen: Sara Paxton

Jon Snow: Diego Boneta

Sansa Stark: Bella Thorne

Cersei Lannister: Shakira

Khal Drogo: Marlon Teixeira

Jamie Lannister: William Levy

Lord Varys: Juan Gabriel

Arya Stark: Selena Gomez

Grey Worm: Bruno Mars

Missandei: Tessa Thompson

Catelyn Stark: Salma Hayek

Margaery Tyrell: Alexis Bledel

Joffrey Baratheon: Frankie Muniz

Ellaria Sand: Eva Mendes

Lady Olenna Tyrell: Ivonne Coll

Bran Stark: Tyler Alvarez

Melisandre: Camille Belle

Hodor: Luis Guzman

Petyr Baelish: Raul Esparza

Theon Greyjoy: Diego Luna