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Love -N- Heart

Love - N - Heart 


Love, can be hurtful and deceitful, you can lose your mind in sadness and in madness, or it can be magical and beautiful, getting lost in love, an ultimate promise, full of romance and expression. Love can be seduction, full of lust and crazy intense, or it can be completely fulfilling, so sensual full of pleasure and affection. A heart is fragile like glass, and can be broken into pieces, by someone falling out of love, causing you pain, making you hate and wanting vengeance, but it can also beat full of life, content, loving and happy. Yet love is blind, there’s puppy love, first real love, and true love, all complicated in so many ways, you can love someone so much, so much it hurts deep down into your soul. You can find love at first sight, or it can take some time, and sometimes you realize, it’s been right in front all along. A heart can never be bought, and plays games with the mind, but it falls truely in love only once, unless you’re one of the few lucky ones, who get a second chance. A heart doesn't choose who to love, it just knows that it's in love, you can be so deeply in love with someone, but that someone just doesn’t feel you at all. Sadly a heart can bleed out of life, from the loss of a loved one, it will go into a state of numb, and go through life with no feeling or meaning at all. Love is pain, bringing tears to your eyes, and can be overwhelming at times, but then again love is laughter, joy and it can surprise you, leaving you breathless and choked up. Love can be depressing and sad, making your heart bleed and stop, yet love can open your eyes, heart and soul, making your dreams and wishes come true. Love can make you cheat, bringing you down feeling like a fool, leaving you empty and dark. Then again love is peace and tranquillity, faithful, honest and true, it’s art and poetry, and when it’s good it’s totally unconditional, it’s a beautiful story, it’s kind, it’s everything, it’s GOD, in you and me.

Written By:

Ricardo Gonzalez