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My whole world came tumbling down, and I miss you so much, so much it hurts deep down into my soul. There’s an emptiness inside of me, that will go unfilled until we meet again in heaven.

Why’d you have to go and die on me, you promised me forever so it must include heaven. I know you’ll keep your word, cause that’s just who you were, I just can’t wait to meet you there.

“My GOD” I’m feeling all alone, the walls are caving in, cause I’m full of frustrations and unanswered questions. There’s just so many things I needed to say, we had our dreams at our fingertips, but they were instantly taken away.

It should’ve been me instead, cause there’s just so much pain and sorrow, leaving me hopeless and fragile.

I can’t even think about you, cause my heart skips a beat, I feel my pulse getting weak, and I start fading away.

There’s a shadow looming over me, hanging around and getting darker every day, because you were my soothing calm and peace, you were my everything and now you’re gone.

What am I to do, how do I move forward, where do I go from here, I just don’t know. Life goes on they say, and you’ll be okay, just give it some time, but I’m so lonely and lost, totally numb inside.

I swear I saw you in the crowd the other day, and heard your voice in a gust of wind, so I ran to you but I was chasing your ghost.

I miss you so much, so much it hurts deep down into my soul, my love if you can hear me, tell the heavens that I just can’t go on living life without you.

I miss your sweet kiss and smile, your loving heart, gentle touch and affection, oh I miss you so much. I loved how you lived life, with so much fire and passion, always working hard, caring and kind.

I’m up at the break of dawn, and go through the day with no will at all, cause nothing makes sense anymore. Every moment is excruciating, and every second seems like an eternity, it goes on and on so slow.

I know I’ve got to let you go, and go on with my life, but you’re always on my mind, cause I still feel your touch, and you’re everywhere I look.

I dread the night even more, cause I’m all alone and got nowhere to go, I walk from room to room just staring at our bed as I walk by.

The only time I am at peace, is when I finally fall asleep, cause that’s when I dream of you.
The dreams feel surreal, I can see your beautiful eyes, and I always wish that when I awake, you’re there and everything’s was just a nightmare.

Our memories are rooted deep into my mind, heart and soul, our children and the time we shared, the promise that we swore to keep, is what keeps me going, it keeps me alive.

You are gone, but you are never ever forgotten, I will always love you, and you will forever be in all of me.

Written By:
Ricardo R Gonzalez